More fun internet, suddenly the quota runs out. Plus when it’s midnight. Calm down, don’t panic yet. Buy credit can actually be done in a very easy way.

Well, for those of you who have a credit card, why should you be confused where to buy credit. Take advantage of your credit card to top up credit whenever needed.

Customers of cellphone card providers can top up using credit cards bearing the Visa or Mastercard logo. You can enjoy attractive offers from them for your topup transaction.


Where to Buy Credit with a Credit Card?

Many Promos When Topping Up with Credit Cards

Many telecommunication providers in Indonesia provide online top-up service through their website. You can visit their official site to be able to buy credit online.

But what you need to know and make sure before buying credit to the e-Commerce, choose a trusted credit seller, the transaction security using a credit card, so that your transactions run safely and comfortably.

Sites that provide online credit purchase services by accepting Visa or Mastercard credit card payments can be a consideration for the security of your personal data.


How to Buy Credit with a Credit Card?

Refilling credit using a credit card is very easy, just open your laptop or cellphone, make transactions, and the credit will be filled immediately. The following are the steps on how to top up credit cards:

  • Open the official e-Commerce website that accepts credit card purchases
  • Can also access through the application from the communication provider that you are using
  • Register with a credit card if you are not registered
  • Login to the page (if already registered)
  • Select the “Top Up” menu
  • Enter your cellular number
  • Enter the nominal amount you want to buy anyway
  • This purchase is only valid for one transaction and will deduct funds from the credit card if the transaction is successful
  • This transaction service fee is usually free


Not All Card Providers Can Top Up with Credit Cards

credit card

Of course, the purchase of credit through credit cards like this is very easy for users of telecommunications providers. However, if you are using a third-party application, such as M-Pocket, there are only 3 nominal options for purchasing credit when using a credit card, which is $ 25,000, $ 50,000 and $ 100,000.

Meanwhile, if viewed from the security of the transaction, credit purchases through M-Pocket are considered quite safe, because when making a payment, we need to enter the authentication code from Visa or Mastercard, which we also often do when making other online transactions .


Many Promos When Topping Up with Credit Cards

Credit card purchases not only offer convenience in conducting transactions. However, you will also find several promos that can make the purchase of credit more efficient. There are times when several telecommunications providers provide attractive offers in the form of credit bonuses when you buy credit online.

Not only banks that issue credit cards offer bonus pulses, but other attractive offers are also given by other official e-Commerce sites, in the form of shopping vouchers and many more.


Take advantage of the Ease and Benefits of Credit Cards as Maximum as possible

Take advantage of the Ease and Benefits of Credit Cards as Maximum as possible

There are many conveniences and advantages offered by having a credit card. Besides being useful for paying bills, shopping for monthly needs, and so on, credit cards can also be used in a variety of transactions. One of the conveniences obtained by credit card users is that it can be used to buy mobile credit in urgent situations. In fact, the transaction was fairly easy and could be done anytime. Good thing, right?

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