Using a credit card is the choice of many people, because this one banking product is considered practical and facilitates various financial transaction needs. Someone who has a credit card and actively uses it, certainly enjoys the convenience and also the benefits.

Apart from when using, the user also needs to pay close attention to the monthly bill payment process. Credit cards have various costs that are borne by their users.

These costs can make credit card bills even greater, especially if users do not apply the right way when paying credit card bills. Instead of saving, these small mistakes can lead to substantial financial losses each month, even if the user has used a credit card well.


1. Always Pay Bills

2. Pay Late Bills

Credit cards do provide an opportunity to owe, even to repay the debt over the next few months. Users can pay a minimum payment of 10% of the bill. But this is certainly not given free of charge, because you will bear the amount of interest spending or cash withdrawal on the debt that is not paid off.

The greater the bills that are not paid, the greater the amount of interest that must be paid. Not only that, a number of debt installments contained in a credit card will certainly burden the financial users, especially if the value is fairly large. It is not impossible that the financial situation will deteriorate due to the large debt burden on your credit card. You should immediately avoid bad financial conditions due to debt, making sure to always pay the full credit card bills every month.


2. Pay Before Maturity

Paying bills on time is very important, so that various problems due to late payment can be avoided. It also needs to be familiarized when paying credit card bills. Delay in paying credit card bills can result in a number of interest and penalty fees.

The amount is not exactly small, even though it’s only too late to make a payment for one day. Paying credit cards at the last moment will be very risky, because your payment could not be successfully booked, resulting in late payment.

Avoid this by making a payment before the due date of the bill arrives, at least 2-3 days in advance. Faster payments like this will even be very important, if it turns out the payment path (bank) used is different from your credit card issuing bank.


3. Request an Invoice via Email

2. Pay Before Maturity

Sending credit card bills can be done in two ways, namely through couriers (manually) and also through email that is more practical. Bills sent by courier will certainly arrive longer and risk not reaching the hands properly. This will make it difficult for you to pay your bills on time.

Ask the bank to send credit card bills only by email, so you can receive them according to the printed date and have a long enough time to make payments. In addition you can also activate payment notifications, so that late payments can be avoided.


4. Use the Auto Debit Service

If you are a practical person and do not want to bother handling credit card bills every month, then you can use the auto debit service for this one matter. Check and adjust the due date with the auto debit service that is activated, so that every month the bill can be paid on time.

Don’t forget to always ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account, at least enough to pay off the credit card bills that you have. Besides being easy and fast, this auto debit service will also prevent you from various problems due to late payment.


Use and Pay the Right Way

Use and Pay the Right Way

For credit card users, you are naturally used to paying bills every month. Make sure to use credit cards intelligently and make payments in the right way, so that various problems and late payment fees can be avoided. In addition, this will also give you the opportunity to enjoy credit card services to the full.

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