Additional credit cards are another facility that you can get when you have a credit card. As the main card holder, the bank will provide the opportunity to apply for 1 to 3 additional credit cards. Basically, additional credit cards will get the same facilities as the main card, but this may vary from bank to bank. But even if the bank provides this one facility, you still have to consider carefully, before finally deciding to use additional credit card facilities.

As with the use of major credit cards, the use of additional cards will certainly cause a number of bills for the primary card holder. This is one of the main reasons why it is very important to properly consider using this additional credit card. Do not let your credit history become bad due to the use of credit cards that are not controlled, including additional cards given to others. Conditions like this will certainly be very detrimental and could have caused various problems in the future.

It is important to always choose the right person and truly be prepared to use additional credit card facilities, before finally giving this one facility to that person. Then, under what conditions do you need to provide an additional credit card and who are the right people to use it?


Give to the Right People and If Really Needed

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Having the same risk as a credit card, you should consider using an additional credit card from the start. Even though they have sufficient financial capacity, it does not mean that they have to provide this facility to the closest person or even the nuclear family. It is important to ensure that the person concerned cannot access the main credit card service and really needs the additional credit card.

This will help you prevent misuse of the additional cards in the future. However, as the main owner, you certainly want to keep your credit history well maintained.

Additional credit card holders must be people who really can be trusted and responsible, considering this card must be used wisely. Do not let you face a variety of unnecessary bills, just because of an additional card given to someone.

Instead of helping, procuring additional credit cards like this will only cause problems in finance. In general, this additional credit card is given to family or even other closest people who can be trusted and really need it.


1. Under 21 years old

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To access major credit card services, banks do require that applicants must be at least 21 years old. That is, if a family or relative is under the age of 21 years, then of course the person concerned cannot have a primary credit card.

If a child or younger sibling can be responsible and need a credit card, but is still hampered by this age limit, then there is no harm in providing additional credit card facilities for him.


2. Not Having a Job and Permanent Income

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Additional credit cards must also be submitted on terms of income and also clear and permanent employment. That is, if one of the two conditions is not met, then the submission of the main credit card will certainly not succeed. Usually this condition is experienced by many housewives or even people who run a home business and do not have a steady income.

Even though they do not have a steady income, these people may need credit card facilities. Nothing wrong with giving an additional card, especially for your spouse (wife) who needs it to shop for various home and kitchen needs.


3. More than 60 years old

3. More than 60 years old

In addition to the two conditions above, the age that exceeds 60 years will also not be possible to get a major credit card. But even though they are elderly, they can still have income and also need a credit card facility.

In general, people will provide additional credit card facilities for their parents who are unable to get a primary credit card. You can also consider it, if parents still need these facilities.


Define the Rules and Keep an eye on Their Use

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Providing additional credit card facilities to family or even the closest people would not hurt, as long as taking the decision with careful consideration.

Determine the rules of use and payment from the beginning, so that later the additional card does not cause problems for you and those who use it. In addition, keep a close watch on the use of additional credit cards, so that they are really used according to the rules.

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